Our Bankruptcy Service

We pride ourselves on providing a very high quality bankruptcy service for people living in New Zealand. We have handled cases where a persons debts range from ten thousand pounds to over two million and our experience in this field of overseas bankruptcy is unmatched.

We place a very high emphasis on customer care and always see our client as the number one priority. This is reflected in our bankruptcy service and the general method of operation of our company.

Please see below for further details of the bankruptcy services that we offer.

UK Bankruptcy

UK Bankruptcy Service from New Zealand

Our bankruptcy service is very comprehensive and can incorporate the following facilities:
Bankruptcy from New Zealand

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  • Full consultation and analysis of your current situation and an explanation of how the bankruptcy will work.
  • Fast and efficient contact by telephone, Skype and email.
  • Acting as a point of contact for your creditors to stop them harassing you.
  • Full preparation of the bankruptcy application by our experienced team.
  • Dedicated and experienced bankruptcy advisors to ensure that your bankruptcy is successful.
  • A specialist property management service to handle your UK property issues-including repossession.
  • Full details of the post bankruptcy phase and what to expect next
  • Immediate update of the bankruptcy to your creditors by email, fax or letter
  • Comprehensive support for twelve months after your bankruptcy is filed.