Our Company

Our main office location is based in Southampton, England. We are part of The BfA Group, a specialist FCA Authorised bankruptcy company that has been established since 2009, and during this time we have helped many people living in New Zealand to become debt free in the UK. We have assisted hundreds of people to file bankruptcy from abroad through the High Court of London until April 2016 when the personal bankruptcy system changed meaning the High Court process is now no longer in place.

Regulations and approvals

We are fully authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority in England to provide services to people living abroad with outstanding debts in the UK. Any company that offers a commercial service of this kind must be licensed to do so, and a Consumer Credit License and FCA approval is only issued to a company or individual after thorough checks have been made-both into the experience held and also the individuals that run the company.

We are also licensed under Data Protection laws in the UK. Our data protection licence means that you do not have to worry about your confidential information or details being disclosed to any unauthorised third party.

Even if you make an initial enquiry to our company and proceed no further your data and personal information is safe. There is no small print in our terms and conditions to catch a person out. Quite simply we never disclose or sell any information about a client to any other company for marketing or any other purpose. Rest assured-you are in safe hands when dealing with our company.