New Zealand Bankruptcy

We are the only company in the UK that specialises in debt solutions for ex-pats that have moved to start a new life in New Zealand. We offer a fully assisted bankruptcy service for clients living abroad, together with a range of alternative debt solutions if bankruptcy is not your best option.

UK Bankruptcy from New Zealand

Have you moved from England or Wales to live in New Zealand but still have debts in the UK? If so we can help!

It can be very hard to start a new life abroad with the pressure of old UK debts that also need to be maintained and paid. Filing for bankruptcy from New Zealand can leave you debt free in the UK without affecting your new life overseas.

  • Our overseas bankruptcy service will allow you to remain in New Zealand while we prepare the bankruptcy application for you
  • We will prepare all of the application on your behalf and act as your legal representative in the UK.
  • The standard duration of a bankruptcy in the UK is twelve months. In most cases a person is then automatically discharged, and at this point becomes free of any bankruptcy restrictions
  • When you file for bankruptcy in the UK you are not bankrupt in New Zealand! The bankruptcy is very much confined to the UK and we have the expertise required to ensure that your bankruptcy will not affect your credit rating in New Zealand.
You can declare bankruptcy in the UK without leaving your home in New Zealand. Contact us today for a consultation.
Stop Creditors Stop Creditors
Are your creditors pursuing you in the UK or in New Zealand? Allow us to act on your behalf and deal with these companies for you.
Clear your Debts Clear your Debts
Do you want a fresh start in New Zealand? Bankruptcy will clear all of your debts in the UK and allow you to concentrate on your new life abroad.
Stay in New Zealand Stay in New Zealand
No need to fly back to England to present your bankruptcy. Remain in New Zealand while we act on your behalf.
Expert Advice Expert Advice
Benefit from a free, no obligation consultation with an experienced advisor. We have many years of experience in bankruptcy from abroad.
Keep your Bank Account Keep your Bank Account
Keep your bank account in New Zealand. We have dealt with many people filing bankruptcy from New Zealand and nobody has lost their bank account facility.
NZ Credit Not Affected NZ Credit Not Affected
No impact upon your credit history in New Zealand. The bankruptcy will be shown on your UK Credit History but this will not affect your credit in New Zealand.